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Subscriptions include liquor, wine, beer, and total sales for all establishments that are licensed for on-premise alcohol sales across the entire state of Texas. We are the only service that has type sorts. From bars, restaurants, adult clubs, & sports arenas plus more -- we have them all. As an added bonus we, our SALES LEADS report includes all the future establishments that have applied for, but not yet issued, an on-premise permit in Texas. NO EXTRA CHARGE EVER! You have UNLIMITED access to all sales data, sales leads, PLUS the historical monthly sales from the previous 5 years.

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Included with all subscription packages is online access to all reports and sales leads. PLUS you receive a monthly print report at no extra charge.

Our subscriptions are all UNLIMITED. Other services charge up to $100/per month for detailed liquor, wine, and beer anaylasis plus another $100/per month for our same sales leads. NO EXTRA CHARGES

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